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We will be pleased to answer all your inquiries or discuss cooperation possibilities:

JSC “Sveikuva”
Veiveriu str. 134, LT-46352 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel. +370 37 210570
Fax. +370 37 210571
E-mail: sveikuva@sveikuva.lt

Mr. Stanislovas Kasparavicius M.Sc. (Pharm.)
Mob. +370 670 54244 (24 h)
E-mail: sk@sveikuva.lt

Mrs. Gabija Jatkone M.Phil. 
Ms. Monika Tartenaite M.Sc.
Regulatory affairs specialist

Ms. Katre Trapnauskaite MBiotech
Regulatory affairs specialist (junior)
E-mail: regulatory@sveikuva.lt

Mrs. Neringa Varne M.Sc.
Pharmacovigilance specialist
E-mail: pv@sveikuva.lt
Ms. Kristina Dabuleviciute (on maternity leave)
  • Professionalism.
    We are specialists in this field and like our activity, so we can guarantee the quality of our work.
  • Competitiveness.
    Individual solutions for a competitive price.
  • Confidentiality.
    We appreciate the cooperation, maintain confidentiality and seek for a long-term partnership

Member of Medicines Manufacturers Association