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Updated: 2 years 24 weeks ago

Research shows how a moderate dose of alcohol protects the heart

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 12:00
For at least 20 years, research has shown that for many people, moderate consumption of alcohol can protect the heart, but the reason for this is poorly understood. A study conducted at the University of São Paulo's Biomedical Science Institute (ICB-USP) in Brazil suggests that this cardioprotective mechanism may be associated with activation of ALDH2 (aldehyde dehydrogenase-2),
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Alcon AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® trifocal intraocular lens shows superior visual performance in head-to-head trial post-cataract surgery

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 10:00
Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, unveils new data showing significantly improved near and intermediate distance vision with the AcrySof IQ PanOptix intraocular lens (IOL) compared to the ZEISS AT LISA®* tri 839MP IOL. These findings further strengthen the value of the PanOptix IOL ENLIGHTENTM optical technology, to provide enhanced image quality and more comfortable near to intermediate vision setting the AcrySof IQ PanOptix IOL apart from other trifocal IOLs.
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Online information on vaccines and autism not always reliable, study shows

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 12:00
Research at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) has found that information available online can provide unreliable information based on old, 'weak' scientific studies. The study 'Fake news or weak science?' is published in open-access journal Frontiers in Immunology.
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New long-term data confirm Roche’s Gazyva/Gazyvaro extends the lives of people with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia compared to MabThera/Rituxan

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 10:00
Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) today announced data from the final analysis of the CLL11 study evaluating Gazyva®/Gazyvaro® (obinutuzumab)-based treatment in previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) which will be presented during the Presidential Symposium at the 23rd European Hematology Association (EHA) Annual Congress, 14 - 17 June, in Stockholm.
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Researchers find link between allergen in red meat and heart disease

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 12:00
A team of researchers says it has linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat to the buildup of plaque in the arteries of the heart. While high saturated fat levels in red meat have long been known to contribute to heart disease for people in general, the new finding suggests that a subgroup of the population may be at heightened risk for a different reason - a food allergen.
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Pfizer announces extension of Zithromax® Antibiotic Donation Program through 2025 to help eliminate world's leading infectious cause of blindness

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 10:00
Pfizer Inc. will extend its donation of the antibiotic Zithromax® (azithromycin) to the International Trachoma Initiative through 2025, building on the company's 20-years of work to help eliminate the world's leading infectious cause of blindness. Approximately 163 million people are at risk of developing the disease and this recommitment ensures that Pfizer, through the International Trachoma Initiative (ITI), will continue to provide trachoma endemic countries with donated antibiotics that are a critical component of the global strategy to eliminate this neglected tropical disease (NTD).
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Big data identifies lipids as signatures of health and disease

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 12:00
Biology is swaddled in lipids: fats, oils, and even waxes envelop cells and their organelles, mediate the flow of vast biological information networks, protect fragile tissues, and store essential energy across multiple organisms. But despite their importance, lipids have traditionally been among the hardest biomolecules to study because of the diversity of their molecular structures, which are not determined by the well-defined building blocks and simple rules that govern DNA, RNA, and proteins.
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University of Tokyo's RCAST, Fujitsu, and Kowa successfully create promising new compounds to fight drug-resistant cancer

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 10:00
The University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), Fujitsu Limited, and Kowa Company Ltd. today announced that using IT-based drug discovery technologies, which entails computer-based virtual design and evaluation, they have successfully created new small molecule compounds that can inhibit cancer-causing "target proteins," and that demonstrate promise against cancers that have shown resistance to existing drugs.
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David vs Goliath: How a small molecule can defeat asthma attacks

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 12:00
An invisible particle enters your lungs. The next thing you know breathing becomes difficult. You are having as asthma attack. Asthma is one of the most common and difficult to endure chronic conditions. About 30 million Americans experience asthma attacks and 3 million have a severe, therapy-resistant form of the disease. In some cases, the condition can be fatal.
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Update on Phase III clinical trials of lanabecestat for Alzheimer's disease

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 10:00
AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) are discontinuing the global Phase III clinical trials of lanabecestat, an oral beta secretase cleaving enzyme (BACE) inhibitor, for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The decision is based on recommendations by an independent data monitoring committee (IDMC), which concluded that both the AMARANTH trial, in early Alzheimer's disease, and the DAYBREAK-ALZ trial, in mild Alzheimer's disease dementia, were not likely to meet their primary endpoints upon completion and therefore should be stopped for futility.
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How to slow down Ebola

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 12:00
Between 2013 and 2016, West Africa suffered the most severe outbreak of Ebola ever recorded. In Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, a total of 29,000 patients were diagnosed with the disease. More than 11,000 people didn't survive. The epidemic has now passed, but researchers are wondering which intervention strategies would have been most effective in containing the disease.
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Amgen, Oklahoma Health Care Authority and University of Oklahoma's Pharmacy Management Consultants partner to improve medicaid outcomes

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 10:00
The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), Pharmacy Management Consultants (PMC) and Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) announced a new collaborative agreement to help improve clinical outcomes, experience and satisfaction for Oklahoma's 796,000 SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) members. Results from the projects also could lay the groundwork for innovative ways to look at patient outcomes and measures for medication reimbursement.
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International agreement that human-relevant research is needed to enhance drug discovery

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 10:00
The average pre-approval cost of research and development for a successful drug is estimated to be US$2.6 billion and the number of new drugs approved per billion US dollars spent has halved roughly every 9 years since 1950. More than 90% of drug candidates entering clinical trials fail to gain regulatory approval, mainly as a result of insufficient efficacy and/or unacceptable toxicity, because of the limited predictive value of preclinical, animal-based studies.
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FDA grants Priority Review to Roche’s Hemlibra for people with haemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 12:00
Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the company's supplemental Biologics License Application (sBLA) and granted Priority Review for Hemlibra® (emicizumab-kxwh) for adults and children with haemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors. The sBLA is based on data from the phase III HAVEN 3 study.
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What would help or hinder patient participation in mitochondrial disease clinical trials?

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 10:00
As clinical trials gear up with the aim of attaining the first FDA-approved treatments for mitochondrial disease, a new study reports for the first time what patients and families say would motivate them for or against participating in such research trials. Based in malfunctions in mitochondria, the tiny structures within cells that act as biological batteries, mitochondrial disease is a highly variable collection of energy deficiency disorders that can affect nearly any and all organs and systems - at any age.
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Pfizer to expand venture investing with $600 million commitment to Pfizer Ventures

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 12:00
Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) today announced it plans to invest $600 million in biotechnology and other emerging growth companies through Pfizer Ventures, the company’s venture investment vehicle. In addition to increased funding, Pfizer will extend its leadership as a venture capital investor with an expanded team that leverages expertise across venture capital investing, business development, drug discovery and clinical development.
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New approach to immunotherapy leads to complete response in breast cancer patient

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 10:00
A novel approach to immunotherapy developed by researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has led to the complete regression of breast cancer in a patient who was unresponsive to all other treatments. This patient received the treatment in a clinical trial led by Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., chief of the Surgery Branch at NCI's Center for Cancer Research (CCR), and the findings were published June 4, 2018 in Nature Medicine. NCI is part of the National Institutes of Health.
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FDA takes action against 53 websites marketing unapproved opioids as part of a comprehensive effort to target illegal online sales

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 18:00
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced that it has warned nine online networks, operating a total of 53 websites, that they must stop illegally marketing potentially dangerous, unapproved and misbranded versions of opioid medications, including tramadol and oxycodone. Companies who fail to correct the violations, as outlined in the warning letters, may be subject to enforcement action, including product seizure or injunction.
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FDA approves first biosimilar to Neulasta to help reduce the risk of infection during cancer treatment

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 10:00
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Fulphila (pegfilgrastim-jmdb) as the first biosimilar to Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) to decrease the chance of infection as suggested by febrile neutropenia (fever, often with other signs of infection, associated with an abnormally low number of infection-fighting white blood cells), in patients with non-myeloid (non-bone marrow) cancer who are receiving myelosuppressive chemotherapy that has a clinically significant incidence of febrile neutropenia.
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Novartis receives positive CHMP opinion for Aimovig® (erenumab) for the prevention of migraine

Mon, 06/04/2018 - 12:00
Novartis announced the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended approval for Aimovig® (erenumab) for the prevention of migraine in adults who have at least four migraine days per month. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed migraine as one of the top ten causes of years lived with disability worldwide[1].
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