eCTD Publication Services

The eCTD specification is an international standard for submitting electronic MAAs (Marketing Authorisation Applications). The CTD format was developed by the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) as a standard format for regulatory submissions in the Europe, USA and Japan.

EU/EEA Health Authorities are accepting only electronic submissions of medicinal products for human use dossiers. eCTD as a standard is obligatory for all submission in the EU member states and EMA.

JSC Sveikuva provides following services:

  • New eCTD compilation and publishing
  • Continued eCTD sequences compilation (e.g. from sequence 0010)
  • Electronic dossiers paper copies publishing

Administrative and formatting services: document formatting (MS Word, PDF and etc.), scanning of paper documents, OCR, bookmarking and hyperlinking, preparation of media, validation, eCTD compilation and publishing.

eCTDs sequencies created using validated software suite.

In addition we can  also publish paper copies of the dossier in such extent as it is requested by the client, or alternatively to prepare e-version of documentation, which is prepared for easy publishing. 

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    Individual solutions for a competitive price.
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